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Welcome to
Equip CrossFit

CrossFit Gym located in Belfast

Come and join a friendly and welcoming fitness community where everyone is welcome. Start building new habits, improving your fitness and feeling stronger in a group training environment. 

What we offer

There is something for everyone at Equip CrossFit, whether you are a complete beginner or experienced athlete. Our group training environment and experienced coaches will guide you through the session ensuring you are getting the most out of your journey with us.


CrossFit Classes

Barbell Classes

Elevate Classes

Gymnastic Classes

Our varied and functional CrossFit programme will ensure you are improving in all areas of fitness. Each day you will do a challenging workout that combines a variety of functional movements performed at high intensity.

Wanting to focus on your olympic lifting, or improve your technique? Our Barbell classes focus on all movements used with a barbell. This is the perfect class for someone who is a complete novice and wants to learn the lifts, or for someone who wants to focus on their strength only.

This class is for you cardio bunnies out there. We focus on longer duration workouts using bodyweight movements and machines. You will see a huge improvement in your cardiovascular fitness, aerobic capacity and endurance.

Wanting to focus on those higher skilled movements that creep up in our daily workouts? Our gymnastic classes will focus on strict strength along with skill practice to help you nail the technique of those higher skilled movements.

What are you waiting for?

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