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Coaching Team at Equip CrossFit

We have a great team of coaches who are incredibly experienced, qualified and knowledgeable. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals in a safe and effective way.

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Johnny - CF-L3

Head Coach/Affiliate Owner

Johnny is the head coach and affiliate owner of Equip CrossFit.


He started CrossFit in 2012 in an effort to be come stronger and fitter for rugby, little did he know he would eventually give up rugby and focus just on CrossFit. Open workout 12.1 was his first ever WOD.... 7 minutes of burpees and somehow after that he was hooked.


Johnny has been working as a personal trainer for over 10 years and is currently S&C coach for the NI Women's football team and Belfast Met Rugby & Football Academy’s.


 His qualifications include - BSc Health & Leisure Studies, CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1), CrossFit® Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2), CrossFit Level 3 Trainer (CF-L3), CrossFit Football, CrossFit Gymnastics, NASM Certified Personal trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist and Level 3 Nutrition.

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John - CF-L1


John has been an avid CrossFit enthusiast since 2014 and gained his CF-L1 in September 2020. He has an infectious passion for the sport and is committed to helping others reach their fitness goals. John's approach to training is centred around the idea that you're only competing with yourself, and that fitness should be enjoyable and fulfilling. He prioritises having fun and staying motivated while striving towards his clients' goals.

John is a trainer who takes the time to understand each individual's unique needs and challenges. As part of the CrossFit community, John loves seeing his clients' progress and finds it incredibly rewarding to witness them unlocking new skills or achieving personal bests, regardless of whether they are seasoned athletes or just starting out.

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Tara - CF-L2


Tara comes from a background of hockey, running and horse riding. She started CrossFit by complete accident entering the ‘Titanic Games’ in 2012 thinking it was ‘just a fitness comp’. She’s been hooked ever since! 

Tara completed her CrossFit L1 in 2020 and since then has been coaching in Equip and gone on to complete her CrossFit L2 in 2024. Her main focus is the Equip Kids, Teens and Gymnastics speciality classes. 

Her qualifications include - BA Sports Studies, CrossFit L1 Trainer, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Gymnastics and CrossFit Weightlifting.


Laura - CF-L1


Laura has been coaching CrossFit since 2019 having a background in sports and fitness from a young age, and most notably competing in badminton fro Down and Ulster.

After working as a Personal Trainer and manager in commercial fitness for many years, Laura was initially drawn to CrossFit for the more varied approach to exercise, the challenge of learning new movements and the friendly community in Equip CrossFit.

She now uses her years of experience and knowledge to create a safe, enjoyable experience for members of all abilities.

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Karl - CF-L1


With an athletics, football and bodybuilding background, Karl has over 20 years experience and training within the fitness industry, with physical performance having always been a passion.


This combined with decades of working across youth, family, faith and community sectors, working in many fields including learning disability, youth justice, mental health, substance misuse, drug education, suicide and self harm, Karl is a huge advocate for the benefits of good movement for mind, body and soul.


Karl has had his CrossFit®️ Level 1 since September 2021 and has experience of working with several boxes throughout the province and loves how CrossFit offers so many transferable skills to learn, lift and use in every other aspect of your life.

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Rachel - CF-L1


Rachel started CrossFit in 2014 after Head Coach and brother Johnny convinced her it was a good idea.

Rachel enjoys playing hockey and her favourite movement is the Deadlift. Rachel had a gym background in fitness instructing before finding CrossFit. In October 2017 Rachel completed her Level 1.

Her qualifications include BSc Health & Leisure Studies, CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1) and OCR Level 2 Fitness Instructor

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Conor - CF-L1


Conor's main sporting experience prior to CrossFit was football, playing at an amateur level up until 2014.

Conor dabbled in commercial gyms before starting CrossFit in 2015 and has tried a few local competitions over the years.

Conor completed his CL-L1 in 2019 and has enjoyed coaching members ever since.

Recently Conor has been mostly focussing on the Equip Barbell class and has really enjoyed seeing member's progress

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Hannah - CF-L1


Hannah has worked in the mainstream fitness industry for 9 years (2014). Her main focus has been GP referrals, specialising in mental health & a wide range of health conditions.


Hannah’s CrossFit journey began in 2019 when she was invited to a community WOD. The passion, enthusiasm & friendliness she encountered that day had her fixated on the CrossFit world.


Hannah’s goal is to enable anyone of any age & any ability to complete a CrossFit workout. Hannah believes that CrossFit isn’t just about the workouts it’s about the community & creating a safe space people will be able to utilise for their mental health as well as their physical.


Her qualifications include;

- CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

-Level 4 Diploma in Physical Activity & Wellbeing for Adults with Mental Health Conditions.

-Level 4 in Weight Management for Individuals with Obesity, Diabetes Mellitus & Metabolic Syndrome.

-Level 3 Strength & Conditioning for Exercise & Sports Performance.

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